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Radan Niro Zagros Company has been operating since 1385 with the aim of implementing EPC projects in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power, etc. industries with the investment of the private sector. Currently, it is registered with 1020 billion rials of capital and has the rank of contractor in the fields of facilities, equipment, oil and gas, road and transportation, and construction and buildings from the Organization of Planning and Budget and the qualification of gas turbine repairs from the Ministry of Petroleum, with interest. Giri implements projects based on IMS integrated management system based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards and quality, safety and health management system and relying on its technical-engineering ability and creating a chain of partners and suppliers in Inside and outside the country, it has provided the possibility of providing technical-engineering services, supply, implementation and after-sales services with the best possible quality.

  • Repairs of gas turbines and all types of gas compressors and pumps in the workshop or at the project site
  • Repair, reconstruction and rejuvenation of sensitive parts of gas turbines and gas compressors
  • Reverse engineering and manufacturing of spare parts for rotary machines
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Attention to health, safety and environment is emphasized as the principle of sustainable development and HSE standard is cited as an integral principle of any project. Human factors and efforts to preserve and improve their knowledge and technical abilities are also considered and in addition to using their intellectual capital as an intangible asset, efforts are made to identify individual talents in the development of human resources. be removed correctly.

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